About us

Better By Design

“This is SOOO Cool!”

We hear it at every event.  Our high end booth gets a lot of attention.  It is custom designed to give your guests little privacy to relax and enjoy themselves.  You can be silly, be yourself or give a smooch.  Our sleek , modern, color changing inflatable enclosure that can coordinate with different color schemes. The brains is a sleek kiosk with a 5 megapixel camera and is powered by an iPad Pro.  We will capture every fun moment your guests have in professional quality!

We deliver beautiful prints, and beautiful digital images and an experience you and your guests will remember forever.

Let’s Be Social

Your guests can receive their pictures as soon as they are taken.  Of course you still get a printed copy of all the digital images at the end of the night. Everybody knows that photo booth pictures always get taped to the fridge in the kitchen!  WiFi or 4G cellular service is required at your venue for online social sharing.

Mix It Up

Photo booths are unbelievable fun. They add a shared experience and an entertainment value. And your guests take something personal home with them from your party. Check out the smiles on our gallery page and reserve Cool Cliq today.